Annual Conference Online 2021 – a view from the pets of Twitter

Posted on May 14, 2021   by Alexandra Kubiakowska-Welch

After a tumultuous year in 2020, delegates from around the world were able to attend Annual Conference Online 2021 (26–30 April) from the comfort of homes or offices, for the first ever digital version of our flagship event. In addition to the scientific programme, socials and online networking opportunities, photos of delegates' pets continued to raise our spirits throughout the week. This blog features their contributions to Conference.


Mondays are tough by anyone’s standards and Dexter could clearly have done with a few more winks of sleep before Annual Conference Online 2021 kicked off!


Whereas Dita had herself settled in comfortably for a front-row seat ahead of the sessions commencing.

Marley simply could not understand why these humans speaking would not contribute to playtime…

…hence why this pup took it upon themselves to make their own entertainment!

And George was keen to ensure that owner Eleanor did not lapse on the amount of belly rubs he received throughout the day.

By Day 2, everyone had settled into their unusual Conference surroundings.

Little Doris was thoroughly engaged in the ongoing SARS-CoV-2 workshops.

Pepper gave a stark warning to her owner, reminding her that treats always come first – even if you are in the middle of presenting your research!

And others were very keen to join in the fun!

Cooper seemed more interested in taking a nap than joining his owner Hannah in sharing her enthusiasm for virology…

And Frankie was occupied, while his owner Claire live tweeted about the Public Health Microbiology session…

…only to later wake up and reinstate their authority over a pair of flip flops.

George did not look impressed that Annual Conference Online 2021 was coming to an end…

…whereas others timed their crimes at the perfect opportunity (the end of the conference!)

However, by the end of the week, for most, it was just time for another well-deserved nap.