We collaborate with several organisations to push the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) agenda forward.

CLEAPSS is an advisory service providing support in science and technology for a consortium of local authorities and their schools, including establishments for pupils with special needs. We liaise with CLEAPSS regarding safety practices and provide them with manuals, which they distribute on their microbiology courses.

e-Bug is a free educational resource for classroom and home use and makes learning about micro-organisms and the spread, prevention and treatment of infection fun and accessible for all students. The Microbiology Society collaborates with e-bug in a number of ways, including promoting their resources to schools and sponsoring their competitions.

Fun Kids 
Fun Kids provide good quality programming to entertain children aged 10 and under. We collaborated with Fun Kids to produce Good Bugs, Bad Bugs, a microbiology series for radio and online.

National STEM e-Library 
One of the National STEM Centre’s key objectives is to house the UK's largest collection of STEM teaching and learning resources. Electronic copies of some of our educational resources are available in the e-library.

The Microbiology Society collaborates with the National Centre for Biotechnology Education in a number of ways. John Schollar from NCBE runs training courses for teachers and technicians and our Education and Outreach Officer works with NCBE on matters of education and training.

The Nucleus Group
The Nucleus Group is an informal group of science education specialists from the learned societies, research councils and similar not-for-profit organisations. While regular meetings ensure that collaboration among the group’s members is common-place, the group comes together once a year to host the Biology in the Real World series at the ASE Annual Conference. This full day series of contemporary biology talks is a well-established part of the conference programme.

Practical Biology
Practical Biology is for teachers of biology in schools and colleges. It is a collection of experiments that demonstrate a wide range of biological concepts and processes. The Microbiology Society has been involved with the funding, development and maintaining this fantastic practical resource for teachers.

SCORE is a partnership of organisations which aims to improve science education in UK schools and colleges by supporting the development and implementation of effective education policy. The partnership comprises the Association for Science EducationInstitute of PhysicsRoyal SocietyRoyal Society of Chemistry and Royal Society of Biology.

Royal Society of Biology
The Microbiology Society is a member organisation of the Royal Society of Biology. The Royal Society of Biology's mission is to create a single unified voice for UK biology, representing the discipline and its practitioners. We collaborate with the Royal Society of Biology on various educational matters including National Curriculum reform, resource development and promotion and contribution to local and national careers and education conferences.

The Scottish Schools Equipment Resource Centre is a local authority shared service providing educational support across Scotland. The Microbiology Society shares resources with SSERC and is in communication with them regarding educational developments in Scotland.

TES Connect
TES Connect pledges that their members can download and share user-generated resources free of charge forever. As a resource partner we have a profile on this website where our educational resources are available to educational professionals.

The Science Council
The Science Council is a membership organisation that brings together learned societies and professional bodies across science and its applications. We work with the Science Council when addressing careers in science and curriculum development.