Annual Conference Online 2021: submit your social activity suggestions

18 January 2021

Annual Conference Online 2021 has been designed as a digital version of the Society’s flagship annual meeting whose symposia and activities are designed to achieve the same scientific and networking objectives.

While the foundation to a successful Annual Conference may seem to be about providing value-rich scientific content, it is also crucial to create online social activities for attendees to interact with one another informally and outside of the scientific sessions.

As part of the event, the Society will be hosting a number of social activities. These social activities will provide networking and connection opportunities for key society communities or groups. We, therefore, invite you to submit your suggestions for social activities that you would like to see throughout Annual Conference Online 2021.

The Society will also host a series of informal, round-table discussion rooms surrounding various topics throughout the week and we invite you to submit topic ideas to lead the discussion in those rooms.

Submitted suggestions will be reviewed by the Society and will be taken on board when planning the week’s social activities with the aim of maximising delegate experience.

Send us your suggestions and take part in this important event, as we bring together and empower communities that help shape the future of microbiology.