How to get more involved with Society activities

23 January 2020

The Society is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year and there could not be a better time for members to get involved. Participating in Society activities helps build on existing experience and knowledge and offers the chance to develop new skills. It is a great way to give something back and make a difference.

You could help influence and strengthen the community by taking part in initiatives such as the Champions scheme, create a framework for our conference programme by being part of our Divisions, and advance the public's understanding of microbiology by undertaking outreach activities in your community like other members have.

Member Robert Will is based at the University of Cambridge, and is a Society Champion and the Communications Representative for our Early Career Microbiologists’ Forum Executive Committee. He is currently helping with the organisation of the Society Roadshow at the University of Cambridge which is taking place on 28 April, and has previously organised a Microbiology Symposium there with the support of the Society. 

When we asked him what his advice would be for anyone thinking about getting more involved with the Society, he said: “Keep an eye on the volunteering opportunities section of the website, there’s nearly always something going on. An easy way to get more involved immediately is by becoming a Society Champion. It’s a great scheme with really good support and resources to help you organise your own events. Finally, the President’s Roadshow is ongoing, so keep an eye out for your local one!”

The Society offers a variety of opportunities for members to get involved and help shape the future of the Society and develop leadership and strategy skills. We also offer public engagement, event organisation, editorial board and science communication opportunities.

Here are some of the current opportunities available to our members.

Are you looking for a leadership role?

If you are a virologist, you may consider applying for the Deputy Editor-in-Chief role at the Journal of General Virology to work closely with the incoming Editor-in-Chief.

We are also looking to appoint four new Editors for the Journal of General Virology with expertise in plant viruses, large DNA viruses, positive-strand RNA viruses and viral taxonomy. 

The Journal of Medical Microbiology Editorial Board also has positions available. Register your interest to represent the Microbiology Society on the UKPSF Advisory Group.

Engaging influencing and impact

If you have microbiology images that you would you like to share with the wider community and are interested in helping advance public understanding of microbiology and your research, submit images to the Microbiology Images project.

We are also looking for enthusiastic members who would like to get more involved with Society activities and champion the Society in their local area.

Interested in training?

Why not join our Shadowing Scheme, it’s open to all members who want to get more involved and help shape the future of the organisation.

Our newest journal, Access Microbiology, offers an opportunity for ECM members to join our Mentee Scheme.

Peer review

The Society awards over 800 grants each year and are always looking for new reviewers, particularly in prokaryotic and eukaryotic microbiology, and applied research across the board.

If publishing is more your thing, why not think about becoming a reviewer for our peer-reviewed journals?

For full information about various opportunities, please visit the current opportunities page or email