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02 June 2020

Following the launch of our upgraded journal platform ( in August 2019, the Microbiology Society is pleased to announce the release of several exciting new features to enhance the platform.

Firstly, our new ‘Side-by-Side’ view provides a novel and convenient way of viewing our article content online. It is designed to make life easier for researchers, reviewers, authors and readers, by enhancing article navigation. Moving beyond the traditional PDF, which has its origins in the printed journal, we are aiming to take advantage of the functionality that technology now affords us, to improve our readers’ experience. The Side-by-Side view was created using the same open-source software behind the eLife Lens. An article’s figures, tables and references also appear in a right-hand window without losing your place in the text when you click on a figure or reference citation.

Capture of our new 'Side-by-side' view, now available across our publishing platform.
Capture of our new 'Side-by-side' view, now available across our publishing platform.

Secondly, in addition to the Altmetric Badge, we have now rolled out the Dimensions Badge on all articles.

Altmetric badge
New Dimensions Badge pictured alongside the existing Altmetrics Badge.

The Dimensions Badge [pictured] is an interactive visualization that showcases the citation data for each article on our site. Although the first thing you see on the Dimensions Badge is the citation count, hovering over the badge reveals even more useful information, including new citation performance metrics such as the Field Citation Ratio (FCR) to measure article influence. You can also click through to an accompanying details page to reveal more in-depth statistics on each article.


Thirdly, all article pages now include a ‘We Recommend’ section showcasing a list of recommended articles, powered by our collaboration with TrendMD. Our recommendations are based on collaborative filtering (similar to Amazon, Netflix or Spotify) and evolving algorithms that deliver a concise set of peer-reviewed and professional articles. TrendMD use vast data sets across many publishers to deliver recommendations that are informed by what you are currently reading and what others who share related research interests are also reading.

These new features are available on all journal articles published on, with the exception of the Side-by-Side view, which is currently only available for articles from 1999 to the present.

Image: Dennis Kunkel Microscopy/Science Photo Library.