Celebrating the Society’s 75th anniversary

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05 / 05 / 2020

We would like to say a big thank you to all our members for making the Society what it is today: a vibrant and welcoming home for everyone, everywhere, who has an interest in microbiology. This year we are celebrating the 75th anniversary of our founding with activities dedicated to demonstrating the impact of microbiologists past, present and future – bringing together and empowering communities that are helping to shape the future of microbiology.

Why Microbiology Matters

Alongside this special anniversary issue of Microbiology Today, we are launching new collections of digital content to celebrate our 75th anniversary, under the heading ‘Why Microbiology Matters’.

From the submissions received from throughout the microbiology community, we have created a series of digital content hubs, each examining an important theme in detail, including testimony from our members and microbiologists working in each area to share a wealth of rich and interactive content. We will continue to add new content to the hubs as it becomes available; therefore, our list of resources will expand and be available beyond our anniversary year, as a lasting resource for the microbiology community. The digital content hubs will be released throughout the year.

Visit microbiologysociety.org/WhyMicroMatters to see the topics released to date and follow #WhyMicroMatters on Twitter.

Celebrating the impact of microbiologists past, present and future

We will be holding our Fleming Showcase event, a day dedicated to the legacy of Fleming Prize winners which will demonstrate the impact of both established and up-and-coming scientists in addressing important global challenges, at next year’s Annual Conference in Birmingham.

Visit microbiologysociety.org/FlemingShowcase and follow #FlemingShowcase for an overview of the event.

A special anniversary issue of Microbiology Today will be published this October, focusing on the Fleming Prize winners and their legacy.

Microbiology Images

You can get involved in our Microbiology Images project, which highlights how microbiology answers big questions by giving us knowledge of very small things. We welcome images of your science, nature, people, places and events that will inspire, inform and demonstrate how the study of microbes helps us to understand our world and our place within it.

Visit microbiologysociety.org/MicroImages for details on how to submit images and follow #MicroImages on Twitter to see the submissions we have received so far.

A Sustainable Future

We continue to work on our policy project, A Sustainable Future, demonstrating the value and raising the profile of microbiology in addressing the world’s biggest challenges.

Throughout 2020, we will convert our complete journal archive into the modern format, improving the visibility and reusability of our archive, and preserving our content for the long term.

Visit microbiologysociety.org/SDGs for more information about the project and follow #MicroGlobalChallenges on Twitter.

Microbiology Book Club

In March, to coincide with World Book Day 2020, we launched a new activity to celebrate microbiology in literature. This project is inspired by member Jo Verran, who runs the Bad Bugs Book Club.

Find out more about how you can be involved by visiting microbiologysociety.org/BookClub and follow #MicrobioBookClub on Twitter.

If you are interested in getting involved in any of the 75th anniversary activities, please email getinvolved@microbiologysociety.org.

Look out for further updates on our website, or via Twitter using the hashtag #MicrobioSoc75th.