Symposium 57: Microbial Signalling and Communication

26 May 1999 publication

Edited by R. England, G. Hobbs, N. Bainton and D. McL. Roberts.
Published May 1999 by Cambridge University Press.
ISBN 9780521652612.

Microbial chemical signals, or pheremones, have been found to mediate the regulation of diverse metabolic reactions and processes, such as antibiotic production, pathogenesis, sexual conjugation, sporulation and differentiation. The study of these chemical signals has the potential to secure advances in our ability to control microbial processes to our benefit. This volume presents information at the forefront of knowledge in this exciting field and includes contributions on a range of organisms (both prokaryote and eukaryote, unicellular and multi-cellular) and signalling molecules. As such, this volume is an invaluable resource for professional microbiologists and an excellent reference text for advanced students.

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