Policy Committee

Reporting to Council, the Policy Committee is responsible for overseeing the development and delivery of the policy framework to support the Society’s three main strategic objectives:


  1. We will enable our members to strengthen their existing relationships and gain access to new communities, unlocking the potential for knowledge exchange.
  2. We will advance understanding of microbiology and champion the contribution made by microbiology, our members and their work in addressing global challenges.
  3. We will reinforce the Society’s long-term sustainability and resilience by diversifying income streams, increasing efficiency and ensuring robust governance.

The Committee will provide advice and expertise on the development of the policy framework to Council and will be responsible for overseeing the delivery of activities. The Committee will work with staff to ensure that the activities delivered are in line with the agreed strategy and budget. The Committee will work with staff to champion and promote the Society’s science policy activities to members and external stakeholders.

Paul Kellam


Paul Kellam

Imperial College London, UK





Committee Members

  • Paul Kellam (Chair)
  • Angharad Green (ECM Forum Representative)
  • Charles Dorman
  • Kevin Maringer
  • Lindsay Hall
  • James Kelly
  • John McGrath
  • Nicola Holden
  • Tina Joshi

Former Policy Committee member Maria McPhillips talks about why the Policy Committee is so important and the value she has gained from being involved.


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