Meet the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee represents the Forum at Committee and Council level. They are expected to listen to and represent the needs of the general membership of the Forum and feed this information into their respective committees. The current members of the Executive Committee are as follows:

Please note: the positions below refer to the current composition of the ECM Forum Executive Committee. From 2021, the governance of the Microbiology Society is changing. Please see this page for further information.

Amy Pickering
© Amy Pickering

Amy Pickering, University of Edinburgh (Chair)

As the Chair, Amy is a member of Council and works to represent the Forum at Council level. Amy ensures early career focused activities and recommendations from the Executive Committee are reported to Council and implemented by the Committee.


Colman O'Cathail
© Colman O'Cathail

Colman O'Cathail, University of Nottingham 
(Chair Elect)

Colman works alongside the Chair to encourage contribution from members of the Committee, guide towards clear decision making and contributes to the facilitation of all activities.



Helina Marshall
© Helina Marshall

Helina Marshall, Queens University Belfast
(Finance Representative)

Helina monitors the Forums income and expenditure and works with the Finance Committee, which oversees the conduct of the Society’s finances at strategic and policy levels by monitoring and authorising all aspects of the Society’s finance.

Alison MacFadyen
© Alison McFadyen

Alison MacFadyen
(Conference Representative)

Alison works with the Scientific Conferences Committee, which considers the scientific content of Society meetings, i.e. the Annual Conference, Focused Meetings and Irish Division Meetings. The Conferences Representative also chairs a sub-group of the Executive Committee tasked with running the ECM Forum Summer Conference. The sub-group is comprised of four ECM Division Representatives who sit on each of the Society's Divisions.

Angharad Green
© Angharad Green

Angharad Green, University of Liverpool
(Policy Representative)

Angharad is a member of the Policy Committee. The Policy Committee oversees activities, including briefings, consultation responses and events, which connect members with policy- and decision-makers.



Justine Rudkin
© Justine Rudkin

Justine Rudkin, University of Oxford
(Publishing Representative)

Justine is a member of Publishing Committee and works to engage early career researchers with the Society’s journals. The Publishing Committee supports the success and sustainability of the Society’s publications through the implementation of the publishing strategy approved by Council. 

Robert Will
© Robert Will

Robert Will, University of Cambridge
(Communications Representative)

Robert works with the Communications Committee, which oversees delivery of the Society's strategic priority to inspire and educate a diverse range of external stakeholders. The committee is responsible for the Society’s quarterly magazine Microbiology Today, e-newsletter, website, the development of educational resources across the key stages through to post-16, outreach activities, social media activities and press. Robert contributes an ECM Forum feature in Microbiology Today and works to ensure there is an ECM presence on all communications platforms.

James Oliver
© James Oliver

James Oliver, Edge Hill University
(Undergraduate Representative)

James is the point of contact within the Executive Committee for undergraduate microbiology societies. This contact facilitates a wider network of undergraduate students interested in microbiology and the work of the Microbiology Society.


Omololu Fagunwa
© Omololu Fagunwa

Omololu Fagunwa, University of Huddersfield
(International Representative)

Omololu ensures the ECM Forum is considering its international endeavours in line with wider Society policy.


Committee Shadowing Scheme

Our Council and Committees Shadowing Scheme gives members an exclusive opportunity to gain insight into the inner working of the Society. Eligible members can choose an ECM Forum Executive Committee member to shadow and experience first-hand the activities and decision-making processes of a key governing group of the organisation. The scheme offers a great addition to your CV, a glimpse behind the scenes and networking opportunities with other microbiology leaders.

Find out more about the Council and Committees Shadowing Scheme.