Meet the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee represents the Forum at Committee and Council level. They are expected to listen to and represent the needs of the general membership of the Forum and feed this information into their respective committees. The current members of the Executive Committee are as follows:

Colman O'Cathail
© Colman O'Cathail


Colman O'Cathail

European Molecular Biology Laboratory, UK

As the Chair, Colman is a member of Council and works to represent the Forum at Council level. Colman ensures early career focused activities and recommendations from the Executive Committee are reported to Council and implemented by the Committee.

© Rebecca McHugh
Rebecca McHugh           

University of Glasgow, UK
(Impact and Influence Committee)

Rebecca represents early career members on the Impact and Influence Committee which is responsible for advancing the understanding and impact of microbiology by highlighting the global importance of the work of our members and other microbiologists.

Joanne Kite
© Joanne Kite
Joanne Kite       

University of Surrey, UK
(Sustainability Committee)

Joanne is a member of the Sustainability Committee which is responsible for developing the future leadership of the Society and for ensuring the long-term viability of the Society’s operations.


Yinka Somorin
© Yinka Somorin
Yinka Somorin  

Queens University Belfast, Northern Ireland
(Building Communities Committee)

Yinka represents the views of early career members and contributes to the work of the Building Communities Committee, which is responsible for driving content themes for events, journals, Microbiology Today and other activities.

Rebecca Hall
© Rebecca Hall
Rebecca Hall     

University of Birmingham, UK
(Finance Committee)

Rebecca monitors the Forums income and expenditure and works with the Finance Committee, which oversees the conduct of the Society’s finances at strategic and policy levels by monitoring and authorising all aspects of the Society’s finance.


Winnie Lee
© Winnie Lee
Winnie Lee        

University of Bristol, UK
(Sustainability Committee

Winnie is a member of the Sustainability Committee which is responsible for developing the future leadership of the Society and for ensuring the long-term viability of the Society’s operations.


Jack Ferguson
© Jack Ferguson
Jack Ferguson

University of Birmingham, UK
(Virus Division)

Jack is a member of the Virus Division which aims to promote the fundamental study of viruses of all kinds. His role as ECM member for the division is to advocate the ideas and views of early career researchers as well as ensuring the conferences programme is relevant and attractive to them.

Raphael Galleh
© Raphael Galleh
Raphael Galleh

University of Sheffield, UK
(Scientific Conferences Panel)

Raphael is a member of the Scientific Conferences Panel which responsible for overseeing the delivery of the scientific conferences programme.



Ella Rodwell
© Ella Rodwell
Ella Rodwell

Public Health England, UK
(Prokaryotic Division)

Ella is a member of the Prokaryotic Division which comprises of scientists working in bacterial and archaeal microbiology. The main role of the division is to develop symposia for future Society conferences to exchange knowledge and advance understanding of prokaryotes.


Elizabeth Cummins
© Elizabeth Cummins
Elizabeth Cummins

University of Birmingham, UK
(Audit Risk and Evaluation)



Paz Aranega Bou
© Paz Aranega Bou
Paz Aranega Bou

UK Health Security Agency, UK
(Publishing Panel Representative)






© Ainsley Beaton
Ainsley Beaton

John Innes Centre, UK
(Impact and Influence Committee Representative)





Emilene Da Silva Morais

University College Cork, Ireland
(Irish Division Representative)






Committee Shadowing Scheme

Our Council and Committees Shadowing Scheme gives members an exclusive opportunity to gain insight into the inner working of the Society. Eligible members can choose an ECM Forum Executive Committee member to shadow and experience first-hand the activities and decision-making processes of a key governing group of the organisation. The scheme offers a great addition to your CV, a glimpse behind the scenes and networking opportunities with other microbiology leaders.

Find out more about the Council and Committees Shadowing Scheme.