Honorary Archivist

Gilbert Shama, who is based at the Department of Chemical Engineering at Loughborough University, has taken up the position of Honorary Archivist of the Microbiology Society.

The primary purpose of the Honorary Archivist is to maintain a knowledge and understanding of the Society's archives and other relevant activities, so that they can be used in support of the Society's charitable object of promoting the art and science of microbiology.

The role of the Honorary Archivist will be to:

  • Visit relevant repositories, particularly the Wellcome Library, to familiarise himself or herself with the content of relevant archives.
  • Maintain a working list of relevant archives.
  • Seek opportunities to promote the Society by publicising stories about the history of the Society and the discipline of microbiology, in conjunction with the Communications staff of the Society.
  • Assist and advise Council on matters with an historical dimension, such as celebrating anniversaries.
  • In discussion with the Chief Executive, carry out as agreed other activities in which the archival history of the Society and/or the discipline can be used to promote the art and science of microbiology.

The Honorary Archivist is appointed by Council for a period of three years.