Education & Outreach

Supporting microbiology education and bringing microbiologists together

The Microbiology Society is committed to supporting and encouraging the teaching and learning of microbiology at all levels. Our educational activities aim to inspire and create interest in microbes as well as encourage learning and support career progression.

We strive to meet these aims through a variety of microbiology focused activities and resources including our:

  • Producing resource including our dedicated education website, Microbiology Online, and a range of resources, some of which have been developed for teaching and learning about microbes from ages 7-19.
  • Our Careers pages contain information for individuals at all career stages (school, undergraduate, postgraduate, postdoctoral and beyond).
  • Education, outreach and careers events.
  • Education policy work with the Royal Society of Biology and SCORE, which looks into teaching and assessment to ensure that biology (and microbiology) are well represented and resourced in schools and colleges.
  • Grants to support microbiology teaching initiatives and events and to increase public engagement with microbiology and the understanding of microbes.
  • Encouraging members to take part in our events or run their own activities.