Grants & Prizes

Providing funding to benefit the field of microbiology

The Microbiology Society is a not-for-profit organisation. Funds received through our publication subscriptions, membership and other activities are used to support microbiology and microbiologists in accordance with our Aims & Objectives. As such, the Society has funds at its disposal from which it makes grants to members for specific purposes.

Enquiries should be made in writing to [email protected] if you would like funding for microbiology activities or conferences. Please consult the full rules and check your eligibility before applying for a grant. Details and application forms may be obtained by clicking on the appropriate grant.

The Society also awards a range of prizes in recognition of outstanding contributions and achievements in microbiology. Rules and eligibility for each prize are available on the Prize Lectures page.



  • Thinking about your career?

    On our Careers pages, you will find information and resources for microbiologists at all stages of their careers and job profiles from those in both research and non-research roles.

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