The Microbiology Society aims to promote microbiology as a career to individuals from school level onwards and to support career and professional development of microbiologists at all career stages (school, undergraduate, postgraduate, postdoctoral and beyond).

We support career development of microbiologists through grants, bursaries, prize lectures and other activities, with particular support for young investigators thinking of pursuing a research career in microbiology.

Visit our Microbiology Careers information to learn about what microbiologists do and where they work. There is information to help you better understand the career options available to you and the skills you may need to find employment in your desired area.

The Microbiology Society produces careers resources for school and university students considering their career options. Careers advisers and Educators who would like to request print copies of our resources to use at open days or other career events, please email:

We also work with other Royal Society of Biology member organisations as part of the Bioscience Careers Group. The Microbiology Society has supported and helped develop a number of careers resources and attend careers events and job fairs to promote careers in and from microbiology.

Next steps: options after a bioscience degree

The Next Steps guide is a careers resource for bioscience undergraduate and graduate students featuring guidance on job seeking strategies, tips on making applications and going for interviews, information about postgraduate study options and the importance of skills, as well as listing lots of useful resources to help you find and win your perfect job. A PDF of the booklet is free to download from the Royal Society of Biology website.

Make a difference with a career in biology

A set of six posters aimed at teachers and students of science highlight the career options available to biologists. The posters are supported by additional online careers information.

For further information, please visit the Royal Society of Biology's website.

Career breaks

The Society supports opportunities for career development at all levels, including microbiologists looking to plan a career break, or return from one. The Society is represented on the Royal Society of Biology’s Returners to Bioscience Group, which brings together funders, employers and learned societies to look at the issues surrounding career breaks and seeks to provide resources and mechanisms to support scientists before, during and after a career break. The Group’s Returners Resources highlights useful information and resources about bioscience careers breaks.

Microbiologists taking a career break can maintain their professional links through the Full Concessionary Membership offered by the Microbiology Society. We also offer grants to support members who would not otherwise have the opportunity to attend one Society meeting per year, but whose attendance would benefit their professional development.