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Fiona Fyfe – law

What is your current job title?


What organisation do you work for?

Murgitroyd and Company, Glasgow Office.

What qualifications do you have?

BSc Joint Hons Microbiology and Genetics, University of Aberdeen.

What got you interested in microbiology?

I went for an open day at the University of Aberdeen and by chance met one of the lecturers in microbiology. He was so enthusiastic and interested about microbiology that I was hooked and went on to do my degree there.

Can you describe a typical day in your job?

There is no typical day, every day is completely different and that is what I like about it. I do have a number of microbiology-related cases which I either have to draft patent applications for or prosecute through various patent offices, and where necessary through local associates, to obtain granted patents for that technology. However, the job encompasses a large variety of technical subject matter relating to subjects across the bioscience field and is not limited just to microbiology.

What do you love most about your job?

Being able to combine my science training with a lifelong interest in law and the variety of different technologies and new ideas you are faced with each day. Also, the opportunities to continually meet new people, and to travel to meet up with clients at home and abroad.

What do you like least about your job?

Constant deadlines.

What are the most important skills you need to successfully do your job? 

Multitasking, and the ability to continually reprioritise deadlines as more urgent matters arise.

What two pieces of information do you wish someone had told you at the start of your career?

I don’t actually think I would have listened because at the start of your career you always think you know all you need to know anyway.

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