Whilst teaching microbiology in higher education, you may come across challenges such as keeping up to date with the current teaching environment or ensuring students are engaged. During this interactive symposium, delegates will have the opportunity to be part of a network, learn best practices and gain insight and information on issues affecting the teaching landscape. The symposium will give delegates the opportunity to discuss teaching microbiology in higher education and troubleshoot individual challenges. The symposium will discuss elements of the framework of teaching, including degree structures and benchmarking.

Topics to be explored include transitioning from schools into higher education and obstacles within postgraduate teaching. Delegates will also benefit from practical examples of teaching and preparing for teaching students as well as managing student expectations when it comes to independent learning. The day will conclude with the opportunity for delegates to share how the Society can better support teaching-active members. This symposium is aimed at anyone involved or interested in teaching in higher education and therefore is not restricted by career stage.

To book your place please register through the Annual Conference page.

Abstract submissions (max 250 word count) should be submitted to [email protected] by 13 January 2019. Please specify if you would like to be considered for an oral or poster presentation or either.



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Sunday 07 April