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Anaerobic clinical microbiology remains a challenge due to the specialist culture requirements, coupled with the increase in and spread of antimicrobial resistance. The normal human microbiota, is primarily composed of anaerobic bacteria, and is now recognised as a source of life-threatening anaerobic infection. More recent metataxonomic and metagenomic sequencing has extended interest in the potential role of the microbiota in a plethora of other aspects of human health, from obesity to mental health. In addition, the successful use of faecal microbiota transplants for the treatment of clostridial infection raises potential unchartered long-term consequences and possibilities.

This meeting will provide scientific insights into the future impact of anaerobic bacteria in human health and disease, addressing the implications of recent microbiota studies as well as the continued threat of emerging and re-emerging anaerobic infection.

This Focused Meeting will take place on 13-14 June 2019 at Jurys Inn Cardiff.

Organising committee:

Sheila Patrick (Queen’s University Belfast, UK)

Trefor Morris (Public Health Wales, UK)

David Clarke (University College Cork, Ireland)

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