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At the Society, we provide a number of high quality events and meetings throughout the year. These generally focus on a specific microbiological theme and take place as smaller more intimate meetings, allowing for informal networking and dedicated time on one subject.

Events in 2021

Due to the continued prevalence of SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19, the Council of the Microbiology Society, as Trustees of the Society, have confirmed that all events taking place throughout 2021 will be run as online meetings only.

Our meetings programme continues to be at the very heart of what we do to develop, expand and strengthen the networks available to our members so that they can generate new knowledge about microbes and ensure that it is shared with other communities. 

The comprehensive online events schedule for 2021 has been designed as digital versions of the Society’s in-person meetings, which look to achieve the same scientific and networking objectives.

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