Candida and Candidiasis: Event Update

10 September 2020

Following the postponement of the Candida and Candidiasis meeting that was scheduled to take place in Montreal, Canada earlier this year, the Microbiology Society, in consultation with the scientific organising committee, has decided to transition the meeting to a virtual event that will be delivered digitally in March 2021.

Given the complex and changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, and ongoing restrictions and disruption to international travel, the decision to deliver the event digitally was considered to be the best course action to ensure the safety and accessibility for all event participants.

The digital event will incorporate much of the scientific content that was planned for the in-person event, will address all aspects of Candida biology and will provide a vital online forum for the Candida research community to present the latest advances and ideas about:

  • The diagnosis and treatment of Candida infections
  • Antifungal drug resistance
  • The genomics and epidemiology of the Candida clade
  • The molecular mechanisms that underpin Candida pathobiology
  • The immunological responses of the host to the fungus

We are committed to finding the most suitable digital event platform and format for the research community to share knowledge, strengthen relationships and determine the course of future research and empower major ongoing efforts to understand, treat, and prevent Candida infections.

The format for the digital event is currently being considered and the event dates and details regarding registration, abstract submissions and the scientific programme will be made available as soon as we are able to.

If you would like to find out more about this meeting or have any questions ahead of the next update please get in touch.

Image: iStock/Dr Microbe.