FEMS2019 - Society symposium: Host-pathogen interactions: chronic and persistent infections

29 May 2019

The Microbiology Society will be in Glasgow from 7-11 July for the 8th Congress of European Microbiologists – FEMS2019.

On Tuesday 9 July the Society will be running a full day in the programme on Host-pathogen interactions: chronic and persistent infections, which will consist of a symposium in the morning followed by a workshop in the afternoon.

The morning session, chaired by Alain Kohl, (University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK) and co-Chaired by Angela Nobbs, (University of Bristol Dental School, England, UK), along with speakers who are leaders in their field, will discuss the progress in understanding the processes underlying chronic and persistent infections by bacterial, fungal and viral pathogens, and their consequences.

We will also have an exhibition stand at FEMS so please do come and say hello.

We look forward to meeting the scientific community and our members at the Conference.