Join Microbial Genomics’ early career microbiologists board of Reviewers

03 September 2020

Microbial Genomics is looking for early career microbiologists (ECMs) to form a Board of Reviewers. As a membership charity, we recognise that ECMs are the future of the Society and our journals and we would like to provide them with the opportunity to develop their peer review skills. Peer reviewers play a critical role in ensuring that high-quality science is published, allowing us to further advance the understanding of microbiology.

PhD students and post-docs already perform many high-quality peer reviews under the guidance of their supervisors but may not gain recognition for doing so. In September 2019, Access Microbiology launched its Reviewer Mentee initiative and this year we are extending this scheme to Microbial Genomics. Members of the ECM Board of Reviewers will be acknowledged as part of the journal and, as with all reviewers for the Society’s journals, have the option to have their review activities deposited in their ORCiD records.

‘Early career scientists contribute an enormous amount to the culture and future directions of microbiology research, but this is sometimes uncelebrated. We want to recognize the enthusiasm and scholarship of ECMs by providing both a platform for contributing ideas, and valuable experience of the editorial process.’
 – Sam Sheppard, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Microbial Genomics

If you are interested in joining the ECM Board of Reviewers, you will need:

  • To be working in the field of microbial genomics;
  • To be a member of the Microbiology Society;
  • To be completing a PhD (or equivalent) or be undertaking post-doctoral research;
  • Have the support of your PI or another microbiologist who is willing to act as your Reviewer Mentor. Your Reviewer Mentor will read your reviewer reports before you submit them to the Editor, and will provide support and guidance when completing your review.

To apply, please send your CV to, copying your Reviewer Mentor on the email. This scheme is ongoing however we encourage you to apply before the end of October 2020.

The Microbiology Society is committed to creating an inclusive culture that supports equality and diversity and fully reflects both its membership and the global microbiology community. The Society seeks to actively encourage all practices that reflect a diverse society.