Microbes in Medicine Focused Meeting - a unique opportunity to showcase your work during Trinity College Dublin's centenary year

14 August 2019

If you have an interest in, or work with interdisciplinary teams focused on pathogenic mechanisms and the use of microbes and microbial products to treat and prevent disease, this is a meeting not to be missed.

The Microbes in Medicine Focused Meeting offers a great mixture of sessions within the programme to include recent advances in the application of genomics, to the study of antibiotic resistance and virulence in pathogens, persister cells and microbial cells surfaces, as well as topics such as 'First contact: the start of microbiota-host interactions', covering clinical work relating to beneficially modulating the preterm infant microbiome (amongst others).

Alongside the lectures given by invited international experts there will be offered oral presentations and poster sessions selected from abstracts from scientific researchers and medical practitioners.

The history of microbiology research at Trinity College begun in 1919, with the creation of the Chair of Bacteriology and Preventive Medicine in the Department of Pathology. A notable scientific contribution includes the discovery of the phenomenon of persistence by Joseph W Bigger in the 1940s. Under the stewardship of John Arbuthnott the department cemented its international reputation when several seminal papers on emerging recombinant DNA technology applied to the study of bacterial pathogens were published.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to showcase your work to your peers, senior academics and medical practitioners during Trinity College Dublin's centenary year.

If you have an abstract you would like to submit the deadline is Thursday 22 August. Visit the Microbes in Medicine event page to view key topics.

Image: Roger Harris/SciencePhotoLibrary.