Microbiology Educators’ Network

13 August 2020

The Microbiology Society is pleased to present the Microbiology Educators’ Network, a series of online meetings for all members involved in teaching microbiology in higher education.

The first meeting will take place on 23 September 2020 from 13:00–14:00 and will focus on the successes and challenges of remote teaching. The event series will be launched alongside a dedicated online hub of teaching resources from members.

The Microbiology Educators’ Network will be particularly useful for members to reflect on how recent challenges have affected the way you teach and consolidate the various tools and techniques being used by others. The meetings will bring together like-minded individuals and provide an opportunity for you to hear from and participate in discussions with panel members who will cover current topics in pedagogy. You will be able to share your thoughts with others teaching in higher education, and the meeting will form a foundation for members to share their teaching practices and troubleshoot common obstacles.

For the first meeting, members are invited to register their place. Whilst registering you will be able to suggest specific topics within remote teaching to be discussed during the meeting. If you would like to share your experience or expertise, you also have the option of registering your interest as a guest panel member.

As well as having the opportunity to attend meetings, you can also access teaching resources that have been contributed by members, and access past events in our new online area dedicated to supporting microbiology educators. This new hub will showcase the amazing work of our members and includes information of interest alongside wider resources highlighted by our membership.

Visit our website to explore the Teaching hub and book your place for the next Microbiology Educators’ meeting.