New Prize Award Panel: get involved!

25 March 2020

Each year we ask our members to nominate microbiologists for our Prize Lectures. From this year, all nominations will be reviewed by an award panel comprised of members from across the Society. Apply now to help us to decide on our 2021 Prize Winners.

In response to feedback from our members, we undertook a review of our Prize Lecture processes in January 2020. As a result of the working group’s deliberations, we are changing the way we consider nominations for Prize Lectures. The Prize Award Panel, which reviews all nominations for Prizes and makes recommendations for the winner to Council, will now be comprised of members who put themselves forward to participate. In the past, the Prize Award Panel had been a sub-committee of Council so the changes allow Council members to nominate and also allow us to involve more members in the decision, providing experience and insight into the process for those who may not necessarily have the opportunity in other parts of their professional life.

We are seeking six members of the Society to join the General Secretary on the Prize Award Panel. Each member of the panel would serve a term of one year, and during that time they would be ineligible to nominate or be nominated. To find out more, please visit our Prize Lecture pages or get in touch via  

Expressions of interest in participating in the 2020 Prize Award Panel are open until 30 April.

To find out more about our Prize Lectures and how to make a nomination, please visit our Prize Lecture pages.