Results of the Access Microbiology open research platform community survey now published

08 September 2021

The Microbiology Society is converting our sound science journal, Access Microbiology, into an open research platform in early 2022.

The platform will turn the peer review process of Access Microbiology inside out, so that all versions of the article, the peer reviews and the Editor’s decision is posted on the platform for all to see.

Following focus groups in February, we conducted a community survey to address some of the key open questions that arose from the focus groups. To be as transparent as possible with our community, we have just published a summary of these results and the underlying data in Access Microbiology, and have outlined our recommendations for the platform. We are encouraged to see that 94% of respondents stated that the platform is somewhere they would consider publishing, and that most people are supportive of an open data policy.  

Read the full community survey results and access the full dataset online in Access Microbiology.