Save the date: Candida and Candidiasis 2023

03 August 2022

Candida 2023.png 1

We are delighted to announce that Candida and Candidiasis 2023 will be taking place on Saturday 13 May–Wednesday 17 May in Montréal, Canada as part of the Focused Meeting programme in 2023.

To find out more about what to expect from Candida and Candidiasis 2023, check out the Twitter highlights from the Candida and Candidiasis 2021 online conference which attracted over 570 participants and had over 20,000 individual poster views!

This Focused Meeting will bring together scientists studying diverse aspects of Candida biology, as well as interactions between these fungal species and their mammalian hosts. Candida species are commonly found colonizing multiple niches in the human body but are also responsible for a wide variety of important diseases that range from oral and vaginal candidiasis to life-threatening systemic infections. This meeting covers a broad spectrum of subjects that relate to Candida epidemiology, drug resistance, infection, host response, and therapeutics. The impact of Candida species on human health has recently garnered additional attention with the rapid emergence of the multi-drug resistant species Candida auris.

The organising committee:

Richard Bennett (Brown University, USA)
Deborah Hogan (Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine, USA)
Chair of Programme Committee
Mike Lorenz (University of Texas, USA)

Further information will be announced in the build up to the meeting on our social media channels. Follow us on Twitter @MicrobioSoc using the hashtag #Candida2023. We will also be sharing stories on Instagram throughout the event.

Image: iStock/Dr_Microbe.