Science is universal, and the Microbiology Society is a global community

09 March 2022


In common with other scientific organisations, the Microbiology Society deplores the horrific violence currently being experienced in Ukraine.

We have tried to contact members of the Microbiology Society in Ukraine to offer our best wishes, and to let them know that they are an important part of our community.

Science is universal, and the Microbiology Society is a global community. We have members in both Ukraine and Russia, we publish research from both countries and we welcome delegates and speakers at our conferences and events.

As a member of the Federation of European Microbiology Society (FEMS), we have passed on the Society’s solidarity with the Ukrainian Society of Microbiologists.

The Microbiology Society has an arrangement with the Council for At-Risk Academics (CARA), through which we are able to offer financial support to university microbiologists who have been displaced. CARA’s work depends on UK universities offering support, and its activities in relation to the current crisis in Ukraine are detailed on its website here: Ukraine Crisis: Cara.

If any member of the Microbiology Society knows of any way in which we may be able to offer practical support to Ukrainian microbiologists, please get in touch.