Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is one of the most urgent global threats to our healthcare systems, economies, the environment and animal health. Microbiologists in academic, industrial and clinical settings worldwide are at the forefront of developing innovative solutions to tackle AMR. We believe now is the time to act and focus on an interdisciplinary, solutions-driven approach in a ‘One Health’ context.

To this end, the Microbiology Society is leading the way with the Knocking Out AMR project, an ambitious, bold and extensive scheme of work aiming to promote feasible and effective solutions to AMR.

Knocking Out AMR Vision Statement

Through a series of workshops in January 2024, we gathered insights from our membership and the wider AMR community to understand the challenges they’re facing and the role of the Society in helping to confront these issues.

These challenges, and what we commit to deliver to support the AMR community, are laid out in our vision statement below.

KO AMR vision statement

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Opportunities for collaboration

The Knocking Out AMR project represents a unique opportunity to capitalise on our members’ expertise and influence to shape the response to AMR. AMR is a global crisis that demands coordinated action and the Microbiology Society is uniquely positioned to foster cross-disciplinary and multi-sector collaborations.

To find out more about the Knocking Out AMR project and opportunities for collaboration, please email [email protected].

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