Shape the Society’s work while gaining committee experience – join the Shadowing Scheme today

Issue: Life on a Changing Planet

11 May 2021 article


Our Council and Committees Shadowing Scheme is a fantastic opportunity to get a look into the inner working of the Society. Many readers will be aware that Committees and Council exist; however, they may not know what they are letting themselves in for when they are nominated for elections.

Our Shadowing Scheme is a very low-impact way of finding out more, building a relationship with a current Council or Committee member and essentially ‘trying before you buy’. We hope that by understanding the way our decision-making bodies work, more members will put themselves forward to participate in Society activities.

Serving on Committees can bring huge benefits to your career and professional development. From exposing you to a wider range of views to giving you the opportunity to contribute to the shape of the Society’s activities and programmes, our Council and Committees are made up of change-making members who are invested in contributing to the microbiology community.

Our website has further details, including the experience of members who have participated in the scheme in the past. Find out more and apply to join today at

Image: Tsyhun/Thinkstock.