Making the most of the Member Directory – find a mentor!

Issue: Microbiology in Popular Culture

07 November 2017 article

You will have noticed that the Society will soon be re-launching our Member Directory online, making it easier to find out who is in your area – both geographic and scientific.

With contact details of so many experienced fellow members of the Society, we’re creating a series of resources to help you find a mentor and sustain a mentoring relationship. We know how important it is to find someone who can help steer you through some of the complex challenges you will face in your career in microbiology, so we want to help you as best we can. 

The resources, produced in collaboration with the Early Career Microbiologists’ Forum and the Professional Development Committee, will be available to members, and will not only help you decide how best to approach a mentor using our Directory, but will also include resources for members who are ready to help others in their careers. Mentors aren’t just those at the top of their fields; we all have had valuable experiences when encountering challenges during our careers that could help others progress. 

If you can share how you have progressed in your career, or even just give hints on particularly tricky techniques, other members could greatly benefit from your experience so please consider indicating your expertise in the Member Directory. 

The new incarnation of the Member Directory will help members make the most of our ever-growing community, and support the evolution of our network worldwide. 

Maria Fernandes
Professional Development Manager