The Society is committed to creating an inclusive culture that supports equality and diversity and fully reflects both its membership and the global microbiology community. 

Some of our current initiatives include:

  • Annual Conference

    We have many initiatives at our Annual Conference, including a crèche, prayer room, quiet space and the option for delegates to include their pronouns on their badges should they wish to do so.

  • Awareness Days

    We mark a number of awareness days, weeks and months throughout the year to highlight the achievements and challenges faced by our members from historically marginalised communities.

  • Co-chairing

    Our Early Career Forum Co-Chairing Scheme gives early career members a chance to experience chairing at an event.

  • Events

    We support members from historically marginalised groups to organise events for their communities.

  • Grants

    A number of our grants support members from historically marginalised communities. The Society Events Grant, International Development Fund and Unlocking Potential Grant may be of particular interest.

  • Shadowing Scheme

    The Council and Committees Shadowing Scheme allows members to find out more about our governance structure by shadowing a Committee member.