Our staff

Below is the full list of Microbiology Society staff and each person's job title. To get in contact, please email [email protected] and your email will be forwarded to the relevant staff member.

Main switchboard +44 (0)20 3034 4870

Leadership Team

    • Peter Cotgreave

      Peter Cotgreave

      Chief Executive

    • Sarah Buckman

      Sarah Buckman

      Chief Programmes and Partnerships Officer

    • Joanne Morley

      Joanne Manning

      Chief Operations Officer

    • helen-jones-photo.jpg

      Helen Jones

      Associate Director of Strategy and Impact

    • Charlotte Mitchell

      Charlotte Mitchell

      Associate Director of Communications, Brand and Audiences

Scientific Programmes

    • Andrea 170x210.png

      Andrea Monica

      Head of Scientific Programmes

    • Joe Kelly.png

      Joe Kelly

      Publishing Operations Lead

    • Tom Sharp 170x233.png

      Tom Sharp

      Publishing Manager

    • holly cook.PNG

      Holly Cook

      Publishing Operations Advisor

    • Nicole 180x180.png

      Nicole Mekinulov

      Publishing Operations Editor

    • Ralitsa.jpg

      Ralitsa Hadzhieva

      Publishing Operations Editor

    • Diana-Michaela Georgescu 170x233.png

      Diana-Michaela Georgescu

      Publishing Operations Intern

    • Maria publishing editor 170x233.png

      Maria Witczak

      Publishing Operation Editor

    • sophie powell compressed.png

      Sophie Powell

      Publishing Operations Editor

    • Dalia Nikadon headshot

      Dalia Nikadon

      Publishing Editor (Partnerships)

    • Tamanna Khanom.jpg

      Tamanna Khanom

      Publishing Editor (Content)

    • Naomi Froude staff photo.png

      Naomi Froude

      Publishing Editor (Open Science)

    • Ffion-Haf 170x233.png

      Ffion-Haf Watson

      Editorial Coordinator

    • Alex-Price.jpg 1

      Alex Price

      Programme Development Manager

    • Faith 170x233.png

      Faith Angwech

      Programme Officer

    • Blythe 170x233.png

      Blythe Wild

      Events Operation Manager

    • Katrina Campbell 170x210.png

      Katrina Campbell

      Events Executive

    • yon-young-photo.jpg

      Yon Young

      Events Executive

Engagement and Storytelling

    • charlotte-holtum-photo.jpg

      Charlotte Holtum

      Head of Engagement and Storytelling

    • whos-who-Emily.jpg

      Emily Hugo-Webb

      Policy and Engagement Manager

    • Microbiology Society photo.jpg

      Will Thompson

      Policy and Engagement Officer

    • kim.jpeg

      Kimberley Ndungu

      Communications and Engagement Manager

    • Lorena 170x233.png

      Lorena Buiatti

      Communications and Engagement Officer

    • Adam Scales.jpg

      Adam Scales

      Content and Engagement Manager

    • Clare Baker 170x210.png

      Clare Baker

      Communications and Media Officer

    • ffion-lane.jpg

      Ffion Lane

      Member Engagement and Communities Manager

    • Tia Richards 170x233#.png

      Tia Richards

      Member Engagement Coordinator

    • Frances Spragge 170x233.png

      Frances Spragge

      Parliamentary Intern

Development Opportunities

    • Vicky McCulloch

      Vicky McCulloch

      Head of Marketing and Development

    • Sarah-Cooper.png

      Sarah Cooper

      Journal Marketing and Development Lead

    • Pippa Nester 170x233.png

      Philippa Nester

      Journal Marketing Officer

    • tula.jpg

      Tula Claxton-Miller

      Account Manager

    • Photo D Parajuli.jpg

      Duju Parajuli

      Marketing Intern

    • Alex Chan 170x233.png

      Alex Chan

      Publications Business Strategist

    • Jeo Thomas.jpg

      Jeo Thomas

      Business Development Manager

    • Yingqi Tu 170x233.png

      Yingqi Tu

      Journals Marketing Intern (Chinese Markets)


    • Rob-King.jpg 1

      Rob King

      Creative and Brand Lead

    • Debbie 150x185.png

      Debbie Webb

      Digital Visual Designer

    • Damien 170x210.png

      Damien Phillips

      Technology Lead

    • John Beagan

      John Beagan

      Technical Operations Manager

    • Pippa Evan 170x233.png

      Pippa Evans

      Projects Delivery Lead

    • Rosie-Waterton.jpg

      Rosie Waterton

      Executive Governance Manager

    • Glyn Owen 170x233.png

      Glyn Owen

      Governance Executive

    • Hollie Coulson

      Hollie Coulson

      Central Operations Manager

    • Viola-housley.jpg

      Viola Housley

      Finance Officer

    • Alison Quinn

      Alison Quinn

      Membership and Grants Advisor

    • Collin-Green.jpg

      Colin Green

      Journal Sales and Retention Advisor

    • Cameron easton 170x233.png

      Cameron Easton

      Memberships and Grants Assistant

Human Resources

    • Kofo.jpg

      Kofo Balogun

      Associate Director of Human Resources

    • Tumi.jpg

      Tumi Ladele

      Human Resources Manager

    • Ikenna.jpg

      Ikenna Abani

      Human Resources and Operations Officer