Agar Art in Nepal

Posted on January 23, 2019   by Manoj Pradhan

Last year, the Microbiology Society and Amazing Microbiology Nepal once again collaborated to host a number of activities. Society Champion, Manoj Pradhan, is the person behind Amazing Microbiology Nepal, which is primarily a Facebook group. Members of this group share ideas and also organise events, workshops and conferences.


This year, Amazing Microbiology Nepal hosted three events at the Kathmandu School of Medical Technology: the third annual agar art competition, a seminar focusing on diagnosis of tuberculosis and HIV in Nepal and a poster conference.

Samjhana Shakya.png

This year's winning entry from Samjhana Joshi, Nobel College, Nepal.

Runners up.png

Some other submissions from the competition

Next, a seminar took place specifically aimed at students and early career health professionals. Presentations from Uma Shrestha, Sundar Khadka and Sanjeet Pandit took place, which included titles on "Diagnostic methods of Tuberculosis in Nepal,” "Diagnostic systems of HIV/AIDS in Nepal” and “HIV and Tuberculosis Coinfection” respectively.


The scientific talks were followed by a presentation from Manoj, who discussed his history with the Microbiology Society, ongoing events and the professional development opportunities available through the Society.

Finally, the seminar was followed by a poster conference which included presentations on HIV, HIV associated complications and Hepatitis B. The posters presented were all related to the seminar topic and for the majority of the participants it was their first experience presenting a poster.


The delegates at the poster conference

‘I want to take this opportunity to thank the Microbiology Society and Paul Easton who have constantly supported me throughout these years. I would also like to thank Mr. Pradip Shrestha, Director of Kathmandu School of Medical Technology who provided us with the venue for the program and Mr. Niranjan Thapa, Principal of Kathmandu School of Medical Technology who accepted our invitation and was the chairperson of the program.  
Lastly, I want to thank all the participants, printing partners and organizing members who helped me put this event together and made it a great success.’ - Manoj Pradhan