FIS 2019 – a view from Twitter

Posted on November 25, 2019   by Ellen Hinkley

The Federation of Infection Societies Conference 2019 (FIS 2019) took place at the EICC, Edinburgh, UK on 11–14 November. We've turned to Twitter to look at some of the highlights of the conference.


As delegates, speakers, exhibitors and staff travelled to and arrived in Edinburgh, they took to Twitter to share their excitement about the upcoming event. Even those who couldn't attend in person were keen to take part!

FIS 2019 started with Collaboration Catalyst, a session aimed at trainee and early career scientists which gave delelgates the chance to share their experiences working in different areas of infection prevention and hear about practices to help inform better collaboration.

There were a wide range of talks held throughout the conference which drew delegates from various disciplines (and ages!).

The FIS 2019 programme included four plenary lectures, the first of which was the Healthcare Infection Society Lowbury Lecture, presented by Professor Petra Gastmeier from the Institute of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine, Berlin.

Next, Dr Robin Patel, from the Mayo Clinic in the USA, presented the Microbiology Society plenary lecture on the topic of prosthetic joint infection.

Professor Paul Griffiths (University College London, UK) started off the penultimate day of the conference with his plenary lecture on cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection.

The final plenary session, the British Infection Association's Barnett Christie Lecture, was 'Genetics, complement and immunoglobulin genes, and why people get group A streptococcal disease' presented by Dr Tom Parks.

There were numerous poster presentation sessions throughout the conference, with research on a range of areas on display.

  There were also plenty of opportunities to network and socialise.

On the last day, delegates danced the night away at the traditional Scottish cèilidh.

We hope you enjoyed the conference and hope to see you at FIS/HIS 2020!