Microbe Talk - Knocking Out AMR: fixing the broken innovation pipeline

Posted on May 17, 2024   by Clare Baker

Yesterday, we released our vision statement for Knocking Out Antimicrobial Resistance, the Society's new cross-disciplinary project. It outlined the key issues faced by the AMR community: the lack of understanding of the urgency of the crisis, a fragmented AMR landscape and a broken innovation pipeline.

So for this special Knocking Out AMR episode of Microbe Talk Clare spoke to Professor Paul Hoskisson to pick his brain on his latest venture: a one million pound project to use food by-products make antimicrobial production more cost effective and sustainable.


The Microbiology Society's Knocking Out AMR Vision statement can be found on our website here https://microb.io/4bHDoMO 

Paul's Socials:
Bluesky @paulhoskisson.bsky.social 
Twitter @PaulHoskisson
Instagram @paulhoskisson

Music by Yurii Semchyshyn from Pixabay

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