MicroNews March

Posted on March 31, 2021   by Matt Bassett

MicroNews is the sister series of our podcast Microbe Talk, where we discuss some of the times microbes and microbiology have been in the news over the last month. Listen to Matt and Laura discuss how microbes helped centipedes evolve venom, a new automated technique that could help name new microbes and why deep-sea bacteria are completely invisible to our immune system.

MicroNews March


Some deep sea bacteria are invisible to the human immune system

Researchers Propose Automating the Naming of Novel Microbes

Microplastics in sewage become hubs for drug resistant bacteria

Diphtheria could become a problem again thanks to new variants and antimicrobial resistance

Centipedes incorporated the toxic weapons of bacteria and fungi into their venoms

Most viruses around us are benign; some are even lifesaving