Society launches new play about STIs

Posted on May 7, 2015   by Kitty Morgan

Last month, the Society launched the next leg of the tour of If It’s Not On, It’s Not On, our educational play about sexually transmitted infections.

The play will be visiting schools across the UK throughout 2015 and is aimed at young people around the age of 14. So far, the reception has been fantastic – laughter, rapt attention and even a few tears.

The story follows teenager Luke in the aftermath of his first sexual experience.  He quickly discovers that he may have contracted a sexually transmitted infection (STI) after having had unprotected sex. Luke then goes on a journey through the history of STIs and learns about the facts and risks of unprotected sex.


The action is high energy and comical throughout, communicating the information to the young people in an amusing and engaging way, while still making the risks of contracting STIs very clear.

With rates of STIs remaining high among teenagers in the UK, the intention behind this tour is to reach out to thousands of school-age teens and to give clear information about the subject. While keeping the topic entertaining, we hope to deliver the messages about safe sex in a matter-of-fact, upfront fashion that might be difficult in traditional lessons, given the sensitive subject matter.

The production is available free to schools; if you would be interested in having the play visit your school, please drop me an email.

The Society has resources for educators that can be used to discuss issues raised by the play. You can find them here.