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The Candida and Candidiasis meeting will take place online as a digital event, following the postponement of the in-person meeting that was scheduled to take place in Montreal, Canada in April 2020.

Given the complex and changing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, the decision to deliver the event digitally has been taken to ensure the safety and accessibility for all event participants.

The event will provide a vital online forum for the Candida research community to strengthen relationships, form collaborations and present the latest advances and ideas about:

  • The diagnosis and treatment of Candida infections
  • Antifungal drug resistance
  • The genomics and epidemiology of the Candida clade
  • The molecular mechanisms that underpin Candida pathobiology
  • The immunological responses of the host to the fungus

The digital event will include all scientific sessions that were planned for the in-person meeting, providing all those that were previously selected to present, an opportunity to share their work with the research community.

In addition, new abstracts can be submitted for online poster presentations and a very limited number of oral presentations that will be made available.

We are committed to finding the most suitable digital event platform for the research community to share knowledge, strengthen relationships and determine the course of future research and empower major ongoing efforts to understand, treat, and prevent Candida infections.

Details regarding registration and the event programme will be announced as soon as we are able to.

Organising committee:

Geraldine Butler (University College Dublin, Ireland)

Richard Bennett (Brown University, USA)

Chair of Programme Committee
Mike Lorenz (University of Texas, USA)

Further information will be announced in the build up to the meeting on our social media channels and you can follow us on Twitter @MicrobioSoc using the hashtag: #Candida2021

Abstracts & posters

Accepted abstracts

All those whose abstracts were accepted for oral or poster presentation at the in-person meeting that was scheduled to take place in April 2020 will be offered the opportunity to present their work at the digital event. All previously accepted presenters will be contacted and provided with instructions on how to access the abstract submission system and choose whether to:

  1. Confirm the submission of the abstract that was previously submitted with no amendments;
  2. Amend the abstract that was previous submitted;
  3. Withdraw the abstract and release the presentation slot.

If you submitted an abstract that was accepted for presentation and you have not received an email via the abstract submission portal, please contact us.

New abstracts

New abstract submissions can also be submitted for presentation at the digital event.

The vast majority of accepted new abstracts will be selected for online poster presentation, although a very limited number of additional oral presentation slots will be made available.

Submit your new abstract on the Oxford Abstracts website.

The deadline for new abstract submissions is 5 pm GMT on Friday 8 January 2021.


Details of registration for the digital event will be announced shortly.