Unilever Colworth Prize Lecture (Sponsored by Unilever Safety & Environmental Assurance Centre)

The Prize, sponsored by Unilever Safety & Environmental Assurance Centre (SEAC), is awarded annually to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding contribution to translational microbiology.

The recipient of the Prize Lecture will receive £1,000 and be expected to give a lecture based on the work for which the award has been made to a meeting of the Society and to repeat the lecture at the Unilever Colworth Laboratory SEAC if required. The recipient will be strongly encouraged to publish the lecture in one of the Society's journals, whichever is the most suitable. This decision will be at the discretion of the Editors of the journals.

Nominations for the 2020 Unilever Colworth Prize Lecture are now closed.

Please see below for a list of past winners.

Unilever Colworth Prize Lecture 2018: Professor Sharon Peacock - Translating findings from bacterial whole genome sequencing into clinical practice and public health policy

2018 S. Peacock CBE Translating findings from bacterial whole genome sequencing into clinical practice and public health policy
2017 M. Ryan The 2A protein co-expression system: a lesson learnt from viruses to make therapeutic proteins, transgenic plants and animals, cures for cancer and pluripotent stem cells
2016 G. S. Besra The mycobacterial cell wall: assembly and new drug targets
2015 G. Lomonossoff Turning diseases to commodity: working on a plant virus for fun and profit
2013 J.W. Almond Vaccines R&D: challenges for the 21st century
2011 G.P.C. Salmond Bacterial Sociology: Quorum Sensing, Virulence, Antibiotics and Survival
2009 G.M. Gadd Metals, Minerals and Microbes: Geomicrobiology and Bioremediation
2007 P. Williams Look Who's Talking: Communication and Co-operation in the Bacterial World
2005 R.W. Titball Gas Gangrene, an Open and Closed Case
2003 T. Humphrey Oh for an 'Ome of My Own'. Salmonella and Campylobacter as Zoonotic Pathogens
2001 P.D. Marsh Are Dental Diseases Examples of Ecological Catastrophes?
1999 L.E. Macaskie Applications of Micro-organisms to Heavy Metals and Nuclear Wastes Decontamination
1997 G.S.A.B. Stewart Challenging Food Microbiology from a Molecular Perspective
1995 M.J. Bibb Understanding and Manipulating Antibiotic Production in Streptomyces
1993 G. Dougan Microbial Pathogens as Probes of the Mucosal Immune System
1991 P.D. Minor The Molecular Biology of Polio Vaccines
1989 G.T. Yarranton Efficient Expression of Heterologous Genes in Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells