Launch of the Microbiology Society Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Prize

27 November 2023

EDI 220x220.png

The Society is delighted to announce its new Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Prize! This new Prize Lecture will recognise outstanding work of those in the microbiology community driving to create an inclusive culture that supports equality and diversity in microbiology. The inaugural presentation for this Prize Lecture will feature at Annual Conference 2025.

Kevin Maringer (Co-Chair, Members’ Panel) –“I find it a very positive move that the Microbiology Society is introducing this prize to acknowledge and reward the important work that microbiologists are doing to make research environments more inclusive. The microbiologists making these contributions are often those most affected by the current research climate, and are often working on making positive change in their spare time and on a voluntary basis. I hope that this prize inspires and motivates others to do what they can, and I hope it emphasises to the wider research community that this work is valuable and important. I would encourage everyone to nominate microbiologists for the work they are doing in this area so that we can celebrate and learn from their successes.”

Del Besra (President) – “As we look to the future, ensuring that the best microbiologists from all backgrounds can succeed will be essential to advancing the field. The people finding new ways to secure equitable opportunities for the many members of our community who are from historically marginalised backgrounds play a key role in this progress, strengthening our community and moving us towards a better world. The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Prize is a brilliant opportunity to recognise those who are doing this essential work.”

One of the key values of the Society is to ensure we are welcoming to all, and our reputation as a friendly, nurturing and approachable community, driven by the experience of a diverse set of members, is extremely important to us. We want to recognise and celebrate the work of those making an outstanding contribution to initiatives that:

  • Promote equality, diversity and inclusion in the microbiological community.
  • Widen participation by those from historically marginalised communities by raising awareness of microbiology and inspiring the next generation of microbiologists to pursue microbiology careers.

We’ll be opening expression of interest for all of our Prize Lectures in a few weeks’ time so keep an eye out for the announcements. In the meantime, you can find out more about the EDI Prize, its criteria and the full nominations and decision making process on our website.