Abstract proposals are closing for Antimicrobial Drug Discovery from Traditional and Historical Medicine

29 July 2019

Abstract proposals are closing for the Antimicrobial Drug Discovery from Traditional and Historical Medicine Focused Meeting. The meeting is taking place on 29 October 2019 at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford, UK and the deadline to submit your abstract proposal is Monday 5 August.

This is a pilot meeting which, unlike other Focused Meetings, will not comprise of traditional research presentations but a mix of five-minute introductory flash talks and structured round-table discussions to facilitate networking, collaboration, knowledge exchange and capacity building. As such, we encourage you to submit an abstract proposal outlining the following:

  • Your area of expertise.
  • Future goals and what you are currently missing in your network.
  • Your reasons for attending the meeting (this may include access to industrial linsk, general awareness of the topic of opportunities for academic collaboration, for example).

The aim of the meeting is to overcome one of the biggest barriers to the successful exploitation of the natural compounds database represented by traditional European medicine. Currently, the sector is lacking a cohesive network of scientists focusing on the topic. The group hopes to scope what is needed in order to build an effective research network and to bring together researchers from a range of fields including microbiology, chemistry, botany and the history of medicine.

Submit your abstract proposal by Monday 5 August.

Register your place at the meeting.

Society Conference Grants of up to £300 are available to support eligible members wishing to present at this Focused Meeting. Funding is also available for members requiring support for caring costs associated with conference attendance. Eligible members may apply for an additional £500 to support the costs of childcare. The deadline to submit your grant application is Monday 5 August.

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Image: Mikola249/Thinkstock.