Changes to Membership Rates

10 December 2020


The Microbiology Society membership subscription rates will be increasing from December 2020. This is the first membership rate increase in two years.

The Society offers several distinct membership categories, catering to different career stages and individual needs of anyone interested in microbiology.

There are many benefits of membership, including networking opportunities, grants and resources designed to enhance career and professional development within the microbiology community. Over the last few years, we have seen the growth of activities to support different groups within the membership. The most visible of these groups, the Early Career Microbiologists’ Forum, has led to several initiatives to support early-career microbiologists to interact with and shape the future of the organisation. More recently, we have also rolled out activities to support those who wish to learn more about clinical and health-related microbiology via investment in collaborative efforts with other relevant societies as well as developing our ongoing activities. We continue to invest time and research into other growing areas of interest for our members and potential members while maintaining our activities to support our members’ interests across the policy and publishing areas and always welcome our members’ views on how we can better serve the community.

Mi Society, the dedicated members’ area of the website, enables you to manage your membership, access exclusive resources, find out more about our events, grants, special discounts and opportunities to get more involved in Society activities.

Our Members’ Directory provides a great way to connect with other members who work in the same field of interest as you, or with whom you share similar interests.

More information about our membership subscription rates is available on our website ‘Membership rates’ page.