Last chance to make your nominations

16 April 2019

Make your nominations for Council appointed positions and positions on Committees and Divisions before 3 May.

Participation in the Society’s activities offers an exceptional opportunity for you to develop your professional and personal skills, gain new experiences and contribute to the voice and direction of the Society. We are seeking individuals who are passionate, enthusiastic and engaged; and who have relevant skills and interests within the field of Microbiology.

The Council appointed positions up for nomination are:

  • General Secretary
  • Treasurer-elect
  • Professional Development Committee Chair-elect
  • Publishing Committee Chair-elect
  • Scientific Conferences Committee Chair-elect

We are also seeking nominations for the Chair-elect of the ECM Forum. This position will be elected by the ECM Forum itself, and the successful candidate will undertake one year as Chair-elect before their two-year term as Chair.

The Society is committed to creating and encouraging a diverse and inclusive culture within our membership and the microbiology community. Please consider the full breadth of the field when making your nomination.

Please send your completed nomination to

There are further vacancies for positions commencing in 2020, the Society’s 75th Anniversary year, for Elected Members on Council, the Communications Committee, the Policy Committee and the Early Career Microbiologists’ (ECM) Forum Executive Committee. There are also roles for specific areas of expertise across the Eukaryotic, Prokaryotic, Irish and Virology Divisions, including Early Career Microbiologists’ Forum representatives. Please visit our website for more information and the application forms.

Please send your completed nomination to If you have any questions about the nomination process or any of the roles in particular, please contact us at the same address.