May 2024 Issue of Microbiology Today is now available to read online

29 May 2024


The latest edition of Microbiology Today is now available to read online. This issue, titled ‘Emerging Threats', explores various threats that microbiologists and the wider community face – from the reemergence of infectious diseases to the rising complexities in biodefense and the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI). 

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The first featured article is from Lucy Nixon from Cyber Security Partners who writes about artificial intelligence, specifically generative AI (GenAI). In this piece, Lucy explores the specific threats to science and asks the question – “Should we be worried?”. Though GenAI can be used for good, Lucy explains that the issue will be understanding the potential risks of AI and how we manage them.  

The second featured article by Jessica Swanson from the University of Leeds continues to look ahead for potential threats by focusing on the growing dangers of measles. Despite an effective vaccine being available, global vaccine rates have fallen resulting in measle cases growing. In the article, Jessica highlights that, although the UK has eliminated measles in 2017, we need to aim to increase vaccine uptakes, ideally reaching a vaccination rate of 95%, to avoid possible outbreaks. 

Our third featured article comes from Leen Delang, Grace Roberts, Judith White and Stephen Polyak who represent four different institutions: KU Leuven, the University of Leeds, the University of Virginia and the University of Washington. The team provide an overview of the risks of mosquito-borne alphaviruses. They then dive into how to combat these infections, by proposing leading with a combination drug strategy involving re-purposed drugs. 

A comment piece by Gillian Kiely, Medical Affairs Manager in Anti-infectives at Pfizer Ltd, called “The Emerging Threat of Antifungal Resistance”, concludes this edition. Fungal infection numbers are rising, and recent estimates suggest around 2.5 million deaths per year are related to these infections. Gillian explores how the diagnosis is challenging due to limited sensitivity and the need for legitimate efforts to reduce the development of antifungal resistance. 

This issue also includes details on Society activities, including Q&A with Society Champions Blanca Perez-Sepulveda and Arindam Mitra, a member Q&A with Norman van Rhijn and much more! 


Image: your_photo/iStock.