Microbial Genomics Editors: call for expressions of interest

19 May 2020

Microbial Genomics is the open access journal of choice for pioneering research in genomics in microbial life. We welcome articles showing novel insights, exciting new applications, or innovative approaches to analysis using genomic data, as well as articles developing our understanding of microbial genomics, from large, long-term studies on microbial evolution and epidemiology to studies with immediate clinical or environmental relevance.

We are currently looking to appoint new Editors with expertise in microbial genomics, particularly gut microbiome and pathogens, environmental microbiome, animal and protist pathogens, evolutionary genomics, and public health. Our Editors play a key role in the journal, ensuring that we publish high-quality research, and are engaged with the microbiological community. 

Responsibilities will include:

  • Soliciting suitable contributions to the Journal;
  • Arranging for peer review of contributions submitted to the Journal in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Society and the Journal’s policies;
  • Communication with contributors concerning the acceptance, rejection or revision of contributions to the Journal;
  • Ensuring appropriate coverage and quality of contributions for publication in the Journal;
  • Where appropriate, providing original contributions to the Journal, and not less than one contribution during the term of this Agreement;
  • Providing advice and assistance in marketing of the Journal;
  • Attendance at meetings with the Editorial Board and the Society as appropriate.

The role will begin in July 2020 and is open to any Full, Full Concessionary or Honorary Member of the Society.

Person specification:

  • Demonstrated excellence in an area of microbial genomics e.g. epidemiology & evolution; pathogens of humans, animals and plants; human, animal or environmental microbiomes; functional genomics; methods development.
  • Maintain an active microbial genomics research profile.
  • Have an excellent network of international contacts a range of specialties in the discipline.

You do not need to have been involved with the Editorial Board or the Society previously to apply. If you are interested, please send your CV and a brief description of your research interests and expertise to h.beech@microbiologysociety.org. The closing date for receipt of expressions of interest is 15 June 2020.

The Microbiology Society is committed to creating an inclusive culture that supports equality and diversity and fully reflects both its membership and the global microbiology community. The Society seeks to actively encourage all practices that reflect a diverse society.