Microbiology Outreach Prize 2018: Senga Robertson-Albertyn

26 July 2018


The Society is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2018 Microbiology Outreach Prize is Senga Robertson-Albertyn, University of Dundee, for her project Microbe Motels: How to make a Healthy Poo.

All members are welcome to attend her prize talk at the Microbiology Society Annual General Meeting, at Charles Darwin House, London on 6 September 2018.

Senga is a PhD student at the University of Dundee and investigates the structure and function of the barley rhizosphere microbiota. Senga is an accomplished science communicator and has engaged with the public in many different ways, including the outreach project for which she has won the Microbiology Outreach Prize. Microbe Motels: How to make a Healthy Poo is a simple and effective outreach initiative that was originally intended to communicate the human microbiota to primary school children and, due to its versatile nature, can be successfully adapted to different audiences.

One of the nominators for the prize, Professor Nicola Stanley-Wall said, “Senga is incredibly passionate about public engagement and is always the first to volunteer to take part in a range of events for a wide variety of audiences. Her enthusiasm for public engagement is clear to everyone who meets her and she regularly recommends events and activities for people to get involved with.”

The Microbiology Outreach Prize is awarded annually for an outstanding outreach project. To find out more about the Prize, visit the website.

Image: University of Dundee.