Focused Meetings 2018

Issue: Microbial Tools

15 May 2018 article


Registration now open

You can now register and submit your abstract for our 2018 Focused Meetings, which will be taking place all around the UK and Ireland between June and October. Places at these meetings are limited so we advise you secure you place as soon as possible, and please make a note of key dates for each meeting to avoid missing out on submitting your research. Society Conference Grants are available to members attending Focused Meetings. Find out more, including deadlines, here.


Microbes and Mucosal Surfaces 

21–22 June 2018
University College Dublin, Ireland

Key topics:
  • Infection and immunity
  • Microbe–host interaction
  • Microbe–host cross talk and signalling 
  • Therapeutics and vaccine development for mucosal infections 

Early bird rate ends: 14 June 2018

British Yeast Group: Embracing Variation 

27–29 June 2018
Stamford Court, University of Leicester, UK

Key topics:
  • Biotechnology and non-conventional yeasts
  • Complex traits
  • Fundamental processes
  • Ecology and evolution
  • Yeast as human disease models

Early bird rate ends: 7 June 2018

Emerging Zoonoses and AMR: A Global Threat 

2 July 2018
School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Surrey, UK

Key topics:
  • Emerging technologies for detecting and tracking pathogens and AMR
  • New and emerging viral, bacterial and parasitic infections of animals and humans
  • Novel and emerging antimicrobial resistance in animals and humans
  • Understanding global reservoirs of zoonotic diseases

Early bird rate ends: 27 May 2018

Molecular Biology and Pathogenesis of Avian Viruses

3–4 September 2018
St Catherine’s College, University of Oxford, UK

Key topics:
  • Emerging and variant viruses 
  • Host antiviral responses and virus immunomodulation
  • Molecular biology and genetics of avian virus replication
  • New and improved approaches to the control of avian viruses
  • Pathogenesis of avian viruses
  • Tropism and host range restriction 

Abstract submission deadline: 24 June 2018
Early bird rate ends: 5 August 2018

9th International Symposium on Testate Amoebae (ISTA9): Recent Advances and Future Research Priorities 

10–14 September 2018
Riddel Hall, Belfast, UK

Key topics:
  • Ecology and bioindication
  • Functional traits, morphometics and novel analytical approaches
  • Palaeoecology and palaeoclimatology
  • Role of testate amoebae in microbial foodwebs and nutrient cycling
  • Taxonomic advances
  • Phylogeny and biogeography

Abstract submission deadline: 24 June 2018
Early bird rate ends: 12 August 2018

Microbiomes Underpinning Agriculture 

1–2 October 2018
Rochestown Park Hotel, Cork, Ireland

Key topics:
  • Animal microbiomes underpinning agriculture
  • Plant microbiomes underpinning agriculture
  • Methods for exploring microbiomes in agriculture
  • Soil microbiomes underpinning agriculture

Abstract submission deadline: 24 June 2018
Early bird rate ends: 21 September 2018

Call for Focused Meetings proposals 2019!

All of our Focused Meetings are the result of successful proposals submitted to our Scientific Conferences Committee by our members. These meetings are delivered in partnership with those members, and the Society is able to support all of the logistical and practical arrangements, leaving the scientific organisers to focus on the content of the meetings. 

We are now in a position to welcome proposals for 2019 and beyond, and encourage submissions from our members and wider microbiology community for consideration during the next Committee meeting. The form and terms & conditions can be found on the Society website. The deadline for proposals is 11 June, and these can be submitted to [email protected]. Please ensure you approach the relevant Division before submitting to enable them to present your proposal at the Scientific Conferences Committee in July.

Image: Wikicommons