Microbiology Society response to the Welsh Government’s draft Innovation Strategy

10 October 2022


The Microbiology Society submitted a response to the Welsh Government’s consultation on their draft Innovation Strategy. The strategy aims to foster a vibrant innovation culture in a stronger, fairer, greener Wales and is focused around seven themes envisioning a future in which Wales is: prosperous, healthy, resilient, brimming with Welsh culture, more equal, cohesive and globally responsible.

In our response, we have selected questions from the consultation where we believe our input would be most valuable. We consider opportunities for productive cooperation between universities, industry and government, public investment in research, funding disparities between basic and applied research, pathways to engage the next generation of innovators and recommend key areas for prioritisation.

We note that our response reflects the views expressed be ten individuals who responded to our call for input, most of whom shared similar views on the ambitions highlighted in the draft Strategy.

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