Building Communities Committee

Reporting to Council, the Building Communities Committee is responsible for driving content themes for events, journals, Microbiology Today and other activities to support the Society’s three main strategic objectives. The Committee will work with relevant working groups and staff to ensure that the activities delivered are in line with the budget.

Paul Hoskisson


Professor Paul Hoskisson

University of Strathclyde, UK





Gill Ellitott


Professor Kalai Mathee

Florida International University, US




Building Communities Committee Membership 2024:

Paul Hoskisson University of Strathclyde, UK
Kalai Mathee Florida International University, USA (co-Chair)
Nicolas Locker  Pirbright Institute, UK ( co-Chair-Elect)
Kim Hardie  University of Nottingham, UK   (co-Chair-Elect)
Sam Sheppard  University of Oxford, UK
Tim Inglis University of Westrern Australia, Australia
Andrew Preston  University of Bath, UK
Ash Otter  Public Health England, UK 
Matthew Reeves  University College London, UK 
Jerry Reen  University College Cork, Ireland 
Alison Smith  University of Cambridge, UK 
Christopher Cooper  CHARM Therapeutics, UK
Alan McNally  University of Birmingham, UK 
Helina Marshall  University of Strathclyde, UK 
Kelly Capper-Parkin  Sheffield Hallam University, UK 
Michael Macey  The Open University, UK 
Ruth Massey  University of Bristol, UK 
Anikta Priyadarshini Parul University, India
Fiona Whelan  University of Nottingham, UK
Kirsty Jones  Staffordshire University, UK 
Paul Duprex  University of Pittsburgh, USA 
Joey Shepherd  University of Sheffield, UK 

 Terms of Reference

Building Communities Committee Terms of Reference

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