Eukaryotic Division

The Eukaryotic Division aims to promote eukaryotic microbiology in its widest context in fundamental, medical, applied, and environmental aspects. It provides a scientific focus for a subject that has often been fragmented over a range of different subject areas, scientific groups and societies. All major eukaryotic systems (fungi, protozoa, algae, slime moulds) are included as well as their interactions with the bacteria and viruses.

Ed Louis


Edward Louis

University of Leicester

Email: [email protected] 





Anastasios Tsaousis

University of Kent

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Members of Division 2021

Edward Louis University of Leicester 
Anastasios Tsaousis University of Kent
Sonja Rueckert Edinburgh Napier University
Katherine Helliwell Marine Biological Association
Gerard Sheehan Maynooth University
Ellen Nisbet University of Cambridge
Eva Gluenz University of Oxford
Alessia Buscaino University of Kent
Carolina Coelho University of Exeter
Delma Childers University of Aberdeen
Mattie Pawlowic University of Dundee
Robert Hirt University of Newcastle
Ross Waller University of Cambridge

Eukaryotic Division Terms of Reference

Eukaryotic Division Terms of Reference 2020


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