Eukaryotic Division

The Eukaryotic Division aims to promote eukaryotic microbiology in its widest context in fundamental, medical, applied, and environmental aspects. It provides a scientific focus for a subject that has often been fragmented over a range of different subject areas, scientific groups and societies. All major eukaryotic systems (fungi, protozoa, algae, slime moulds) are included as well as their interactions with the bacteria and viruses.




Alison Smith

University of Cambridge, UK

Email: [email protected]




Members of Division 2024

Alison Smith University of Cambridge, UK
Robert Hirt  University of Newcastle, UK  (Chair-Elect)
Albert Bolhuis
University of Bath, UK
Guiseppe Buda De Cesare
University of Texas Health Science Center, USA
Calvin Tiengwe
University College London, UK
Maria Rosa Domingo-Sananes Nottingham Trent University, UK
Ed Deshmukh-Reeves
University of Kent, UK
Girish Bedessee
Northumbria University, UK
Andrew Armitage
University of Greenwich, UK
Fiona Henriquez
University of West Scotland, UK
Campbell Gourlay
University of Kent, UK
Jordan Price
National Institute of Agricultural Botanny, UK

Eukaryotic Division Terms of Reference

Eukaryotic Division Terms of Reference


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