Virus Division

The Virus Division promotes fundamental studies of the natural history, cellular and molecular biology, immunology, and molecular pathogenesis of viruses of all kinds. The laboratory, clinical and field study of viruses and virus infection in the context of human, veterinary and plant disease.

Steve Griffin


Stephen Griffin

University of Leeds, UK

Email: [email protected]




Joanne Parish


Joanne Parish

University of Birmingham, UK

Email: [email protected]




Members of Division 2021

Stephen Griffin University of Leeds, UK
Joanne Parish University of Birmingham, UK
Stephen Winchester NHS, UK
Tamyo Mbisa  Public Health England, UK
Matthew Reeves University College London, UK
Andrew Bosworth Public Health England, UK
Ed Hutchinson University of Glasgow, UK
Goedele Maertens Imperial College London, UK
Rachel Tarlinton University of Nottingham, UK
Blair Strang St George's University London, UK
Dalan Bailey Pirbright Insitute, UK
Rachel Edgar Imperial College London, UK
Eleanor Gaunt University of Edinburgh, UK
David Hughes University of St Andrews, UK
Charlotte Uetrecht Leibniz Institute for Experimental Virology, Germany
Edward Wright University of Sussex, UK
Sam Wilson University of Glasgow, UK

 Virus Division Terms of Reference

Virus Division Terms of Reference 2020


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