Virus Division

The Virus Division promotes fundamental studies of the natural history, cellular and molecular biology, immunology and molecular pathogenesis of viruses of all kinds. The laboratory, clinical and field study of viruses and virus infection in the context of human, veterinary and plant disease.


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Stephen Griffin

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Joanne Parish

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Members of division and areas of expertise

The list of current division members is currently being updated, please check back soon.

Why does microbiology matter? 

"Microbiology matters because micro-organisms are everywhere, and they are both good and bad for us. We need to understand the diseases they cause in man and animals; and work out how to prevent and treat them. But it is also imperative that we learn how to harness the power of micro-organisms for our benefit – be it to digest the mountains of plastic waste produced across the globe, to manufacture new antibiotics, or to treat cancers with the likes of targeted oncolytic viruses."

Gill Elliot, previous Chair of the Virus Division

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