Virus Division

The Virus Division promotes fundamental studies of the natural history, cellular and molecular biology, immunology, and molecular pathogenesis of viruses of all kinds. The laboratory, clinical and field study of viruses and virus infection in the context of human, veterinary and plant disease.

Matthew Reeves


Matthew Reeves

University College London, UK

Email: [email protected]




Members of Division 2024

Matthew Reeves
University College London, UK
Ed Hutchinson  University of Glasgow, UK (Chair-Elect)
Anna Smielewska  Liverpool University Hospitals NHS foundation Trust, UK
Carlos Maluquer  University of Surrey, UK 
Richard Stanton Cardiff University, UK 
Helena Maier  Pirbright Institute, UK 
Alex Borodavka  University of Cambridge, UK 
Benjamin Brennan

University of Glasgow, UK 

Finn Grey  Roslin Institute, UK 
Harriet Groom  University of Cambridge, UK 
Edward Emmott  University of Liverpool , UK 
Joe Grove  University of Glasgow, UK 
Clive Mckimmie  University of Leeds, UK 
Lindsay Broadbent University of Surrey, UK 
Rowan Casey  Cardiff University, UK 
Hannah Burgess University of Surrey, UK

 Virus Division Terms of Reference

Virus Division Terms of Reference


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